St. Vrain Valley Schools recognizes the importance of being present every day. Student attendance – more than a test score or any other data point – is one of the most accurate indicators of whether a student will graduate and find success after high school. It is critical for students to attend school daily in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be college and career ready.

If your child will be absence from school, please contact the school office at 720 494-3975 to excuse your child.

Attendance Policy

Students enrolled in St. Vrain Valley Schools are required to attend classes in accordance with the Colorado Compulsory Attendance Law and Article IX, Section 2 of the Colorado constitution.  Per St. Vrain Valley School Board Policy, children under the age of 17 are required to attend school regularly until graduation from high school or the end of the semester in which a student turns 17 years of age.

St. Vrain Virtual High School provides students with a unique and flexible way to complete course work required for graduation, however students are required to meet expectations of attendance both online and in the physical environment.  Therefore, attendance at St. Vrain Virtual High School is based upon the following:

A student is considered in violation of the St. Vrain Virtual High School attendance policy if they are:

  • Not passing an online course
  • Not regularly averaging 40% progress per week in course work

Violation of the attendance policy for a period of 2 weeks will result in the student being placed on an attendance contract and attending the onsite facility daily until the student is passing their online course(s).

Violation of the attendance policy for a period of four consecutive weeks is considered Habitual Truancy.  If absences continue, students will be referred to the District Truancy Officer and may be withdrawn from St. Vrain Virtual High School.

St. Vrain Virtual High School