Middle School

Middle School

Special Enrollment – Middle School

Middle school students (grades 6-8) who have excelled in either Language Arts or Mathematics and are in need of moving into a high school course that would otherwise not be available to them may apply for admission to St. Vrain Virtual High School to complete those requirements.

High school courses taken in middle school are not accepted for high school credit and do not appear on a student’s high school transcript. However, students are required to meet expectations for attendance and progress.

To be considered for an online high school course:

  • Students must be enrolled in and attending one of the St. Vrain Valley Schools brick and mortar middle schools.
  • The Language Arts or Mathematics is not offered at the student’s brick and mortar middle school.
  • Parents/guardians do not wish for their student to attend their brick and mortar high school of residence.
  • Students must have an open block/time release in their schedule at their home school.
  • The brick and mortar administrator/counselor or the Gifted/Talented District coordinator has recommended this as a viable option for the student.

To apply, students need to fill out the enrollment application and complete the online enrollment assignment. 

Once, the application and the assignment have been received, a recommendation form will be forwarded to the administrator/counselor or Gifted and Talented coordinator.

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