Q: Is online learning right for me?

A: Are you a professional performer or athlete? Are you a teen parent? Do you work full-time? Do you have an illness that prevents you from attending a brick and mortar school? Do you want more independence or flexibility or convenience in your educational choice? Then, St. Vrain Virtual High School might be the right choice for you. Online education is a choice that many students make for a variety of reasons, usually its flexibility and convenience. However, online education is not for everyone. St Vrain Virtual Academy requires self-disciplined students, along with parents/guardians who are willing to work in partnership with the Florida Virtual School Global teachers and the staff at St. Vrain Virtual High School.

Successful online students:

  • Are self motivated
  • Are independent learners who can direct their own learning
  • Have good written communication skills
  • Have good reading comprehension skills
  • Are able to manage their time and set goals
  • Have basic to above average computer skills
  • Have access to parent/guardian/mentor support

Q: Is online learning easier than a traditional high school education?

A: In an online environment, students must take personal responsibility for their own learning. Students must be able to communicate both orally and in writing, be a self-starter, be self-disciplined, remain self-motivated and be able to independently stay on task. Parents also play a vital role in assuring their student’s success. Parents/guardians must be willing to offer the ongoing encouragement, motivation, and guidance for their student as parents ultimately become responsible for their student’s learning in an online environment. Thus, online learning requires both students and parents to be personally responsible and accountable for the academic progress of the student. Online learning is not easier or quicker.

Q: Flexibility–what does that mean?

A: An online environment provides students with the ability to work on their courses at times that are convenient for them throughout the day (FLVS Global School courses are available 24/7, 365 days of the year).  However, flexibility does not provide the students with the option to NOT work daily.  Students are expected to make continuous daily and weekly progress (the act of a student completing and submitting assignments/assessments) in the classes in which they are enrolled.

Q: Do you have real teachers?

A: Absolutely! All of our teachers hold current Colorado certificates in their subject area with some who are National Board Certified. All students have access to FLVS Global School certificated teachers that communicate with students on a regular basis by phone, email, text, Skype, and online discussions. Instructors are expected to respond to all communications within 24 hours and to have all assignments graded within 48 hours. Additional support, including a full-time mathematics instructor, half-time science instructor, and half-time Language Arts instructor is provided as needed for students at St. Vrain Virtual High School’s physical site, 1200 Sunset Street, during normally scheduled hours.

Q: Do you have a guidance counselor?

A: Definitely! Academic counseling, including transcript review, course registration advice, SAT prep and college/career planning are provided by the St. Vrain Virtual High School counselor. If a parent/guardian or student has a concern about learning accommodations, contact the St. Vrain Virtual High School counselor.

Q: Are you accredited?

A: The FLVS Global School provides our courses and curriculum.  Florida Virtual School pioneered virtual learning for public schools and has won many honors and awards since their inception. Highly qualified and certificated teachers teach all online courses, and the curriculum meets not only Colorado State Standards but also the iNACOL (International Association for K-12 Online Learning) National Teaching and Learning Standards for Quality Online Programs. Florida Virtual School is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. The NCAA Clearinghouse also approves the Florida Virtual School core course curriculum and the College Board approves advanced placement courses.

Q: Do you provide me with a computer?

A: Students are expected to provide their own computer hardware, software, and Internet access. However, we offer all of our students access to our state-of-the-art computer labs (both desktops and laptops) that have all the required software needed to complete any course in the Florida Virtual School curriculum.

Q: Do I need to purchase textbooks or other materials?

A: All course materials are provided online.  Should a particular course (i.e., English or Science) need any special books/materials, they will be provided (loaned) to the student by St. Vrain Virtual High School. All books/materials are to be returned once the course has been completed.

Q: How many hours are spent per week in the online environment?

A: Students are expected to complete a minimum of 6 courses each semester.  Each course takes approximately 60 hours and one course should be completed every 3-5 weeks, provided the student is logging in and submitting a minimum of three assignments daily.  Students should be committing 6 – 7 hours daily to their courses on a regular basis.

Q: How long does it take to finish a course?

A: All courses can be taken at an accelerated, traditional, or extended pace, depending on the student’s needs and mutual agreement between the student, teacher, parent, and counselor.  Per FLVS Global School policy, students must be in a course for a minimum of 14 days, with the exception of Physical Education classes that require 21-28 days.

Q: What kind of interactions will a student have with staff and other students?

A: FLVS Global School teachers host collaborative live lessons, help sessions, and weekly videoconference sessions.  Student collaboration is a part of every course at FLVS Global School, and students will interact not only with their instructors but with other students from all over the world. Additionally, there are more than 20 co-curricular activities sponsored by FLVS in which students may participate.  Students are encouraged to be involved in SVVVA’s sponsored Student Council, Calm Group, G.L.O.W. Club, and Art Club.  Students will also meet with their SVVHS mentor on a regular basis.

Q: Can parents/guardians monitor their student’s progress?

A: Yes.  Both students and parents will have a user name and password to the FLVS student management system.  This access provides information about pacing, assignments, and grades.  Parents/Guardians: to set up your parent account, you will need your student’s FLVS username and password.  To set up your parent/guardian account, visit flvs.net.

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