Is Online Learning Right for me?

Is Online Learning Right for me?

Are you a professional performer or athlete? Are you a teen parent? Do you work full-time? Do you have an illness that prevents you from attending a brick and mortar school? Do you want more independence or flexibility or convenience in your educational choice? Then, St. Vrain Virtual High School might be the right choice for you. Online education is a choice that many students make for a variety of reasons, usually its flexibility and convenience. However, online education is not for everyone.

St. Vrain Virtual High School requires self-disciplined students, along with parents/guardians who are willing to work in partnership with the Florida Virtual Global School teachers and the staff at St. Vrain Virtual High School. Successful online students:

  • Are self motivated
  • Are independent learners who can direct their own learning
  • Have good written communication skills
  • Have good reading comprehension skills
  • Are able to manage their time and set goals
  • Have basic to above average computer skills
  • Have access to parent/guardian/mentor support

An online education is NOT easier or quicker!  

Online education does NOT work for everyone.  This is usually not the right choice for a student who is more than a year behind in credits, has attendance issues in the brick and mortar environment, and/or struggles with reading.

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